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The STEM Broker Speaker Series

Moments In STEM: A Women’s Journey

Through April’s unique storytelling, she shares five pivotal lessons learned as she chronicles her moments in STEM from a spelling bee winner in 7th grade to a STEM advocate and consultant. This presentation will challenge the current STEM industry, while providing insight and solutions in order for today’s classrooms, corporations, and startups to chart a new course in creating a more diverse and inclusive STEM ecosystem in communities everywhere.

Presentation will explore:

  • Pivotal principles learned in the 7th grade about navigating my current STEM career

  • 5 sure-fire/key life lessons that will keep you laser focused on your goals

  • Leveraging your life experience into expertise

  • Your role throughout your STEM career


The Connectivity of Cybersecurity – We’re All in This Together

Presentation will examine the impact of consumer safety and security and discuss how consumers can effectively and strategically combat cyber attacks.  Participants will explore insights on four emerging trends with the greatest impact of cyber attacks that include:

  • Medical Identity Theft

  • Patient Portals

  • Connected Personal Devices

  • Wearables


When Did You Fall in Love with STEM?

Delve into the history and current status of girls and women in the STEM industry.  Discover your unique roadmap and establish a customized blueprint for your STEM career journey, starting from where you are right now.  Participants will also explore other career building skills such as power networking, strategic self-promotion, leveraging your experience, and building a portfolio.

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