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The STEM Broker


Services we provide:

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy

  • Engaging panel discussions

  • Urban STEM outreach programs

  • Innovative classroom curriculum

  • STEM parent coaching & advocacy

  • K-12 STEM career readiness & explo


Contact April today to schedule your free consultation to discuss classroom, one-on-one,  and/or other customized STEM services available upon request.  


Featured Moderator/Panelist

Black Tech Week - KC

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 

Engaging Panel Discussions

I specialize in coordinating engaging panel discussions on emerging trends and workforce development concerns that impact communities, especially for next generation workers in STEM and cybersecurity.  


I have over 20 years of experience creating customized events, timely talks, and innovative programs for communities, corporations, and civic organizations.


Book me as your next special event coordinator.

STEM Talent Development (K-12)

Many STEM leaders and influencers found their love for STEM during their early, formative years of learning.


Introducing STEM now (early on)

into the lives of our youth is key to establishing a positive pipeline to a STEM career later


Hire me to build a strategic network to address STEM gender and equity gaps of K-12 learners.

See Girls In STEM Boot Camp

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

As an entrepreneur and natural networker, my background has given me a singular voice on how to strategically "broker" partnerships within various corporate sectors.


I actively collaborate with stakeholders in the greater  Kansas City, MO and Overland Park, KS areas.  I'm also available to consult virtually, if needed.


Contract me to develop strategic STEM engagement 


STEM Parent
Urban STEM Outreach

I actively coach, motivate, and have secured professional mentors for my three children

who are aspiring STEM professionals:

Zaria, age 23 - Cybersecurity

Nyah, age 20 - Engineering

Caleb, age 16 - Drone Pilot


Email me to coach YOU to successfully guide your child(ren) in their own STEM career journey. 

I am an experienced trainer that

specializes in facilitating   customer service, workplace relations, and basic computer skills to diverse clients in 

classroom and group formats.


I have over 20 years of experience creating customized courses and innovative programs for youth and adult learners in the corporate, civic, military, and non-profit sectors.


Book me to plan your next customized outreach program.

STEM Curriculum Development

Let me supplement your daily

classroom, after-school, or summer youth programs with engaging STEM events and/or customized activities that complement your traditional curriculum. 


As a former Certified Substitute Teacher and ELL Transcriber for the greater Kansas City, Missouri area, I know educators are always seeking new ways to make learning more fun.


Contact me to coordinate your next STEM event.

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