April's Publications



"The Top 5 Rules of Engagement for Parents Raising a Girl in STEM" (2016)

"The Soul of a Single Parent: How To Snapback and Get Your Swag On"  (2014)


"Good Bosses Gone Bad: How To Survive The Workplace When Your Boss Sucks"  (2012)



Articles - Startland News:

11/30/18, KCultivator Q&A: April Boyd-Noronha opens up on access 

to technology, authentic change


5/15/18, VR Rocks in KC youth competition at Bloch Venture Hub

2/28/18, Quest Moffat talks Project United Knowledge’s STEM inspiration


2/22/18, Coworking spa stretches expertise from growth hacking to crystal therapy

2/15/18, ‘Gamified’ startup Edcoda among coolest in minority-owned KC STEM

2/6/18, 99 Prospect among coolest minority-owned KC STEM startups 

1/8/18, 10 ways tech will dominate 2018

11/21/17, GEW showcases STEM topics facing women of color 

(“The Color of Her STEM in KC”)

10/9/17, "Q&A offers cyber security insight ahead of Tech on Tap"

9/7/17, "9 Takeaways from KU's GenCyber Summer Camp"

8/10/17, "6 Steps to ‘Flip the Script’ on Women in STEM"


1/29/2018, CyberSecurity Panelists Engage Diverse IT Enthusiasts at The GRID


2/28/2017, Teen Symposium Introduces Youth to Innovation and Careers in STEM


8/13/15, "Top 5 Rules of Engagement for Parents Raising A Girl(s) In STEM" 


7/28/15, "My Top 10 Take Aways While Attending A Midwest Tech Summit" 

7/2/2015, "5 STEM Side Hustles to Hack Your Way Into w/Little To No Experience" 

6/23/15, "Top 4 Reasons Why Girls SHOULD Pursue A STEM Career" 

4/6/2015, "Furious 7' Reveals 7 Truths About Girls in STEM" 

03/15/2015, "STEM Stats: A Single Parent's Perspective" 

02/18/2015, "How To Get A Girl Into STEM" 

02/10/2015, "What's A STEM Solutions Architect?" 




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