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Parent Training 


STEM 101: “Raising a STEM Family – Noronha Family”

How does the Noronha family do it?!  Join us as we share our “secret sauce” to the success of our STEM journey in emerging trends such as drones and cybersecurity. The Noronha family is spearheaded by “The STEM Broker” AKA Mom, April Boyd-Noronha, who is a 3x STEM Parent and Engagement Consultant. She also is a Professor of HIM, CIS, and Cybersecurity.  April is raising three aspiring technologists (2 daughters and 1 son):

  • Zaria, college junior, pursuing a Cybersecurity/Networking degree

  • Nyah, high school senior, currently taking a gap year in Ibague, Colombia, an aspiring Behavior Analyst

  • Caleb, middle school/8th grader, an award-winning drone pilot


The Top 5 Rules of Engagement for Parents Raising a Girl in STEM (book available on Amazon)

Discover five rules of engagement to implement as a parent to consistently engage and constantly encourage your daughter to pursue a STEM career. This simple five-step guide will give you practical yet strategic steps to systematically apply regardless of your daughter’s level of STEM involvement. This rule book is based on the proactive parenting and personal experiences of the author as a mother of three aspiring technologists (two of which are her teen daughters), a STEM diversity advocate, and from her own personal journey as a “woman in STEM”.

STEM 101: The Parent Principle – 5 Rules for Disrupting Excellence in STEM

Presentation will explore:

  • Securing Stakeholders

  • Acquiring Allies

  • Academic Accountability (parent led)

  • Authentic Experiences (outside classroom, beyond comfort level, emerging trends)

  • Going Global


The Soul of a Single Parent: How to Snapback and Get Your SWAG On (book available on Amazon)

A candid, up-close-and-personal perspective of my journey as a single parent. It is written from a single mom’s perspective.  Feel free to laugh (with me, not at me) as you read through the pages. Go ahead, sit down and shed a tear of joy (or pain) with me as I share my world with you. More importantly, I pray that you gain further insight and purpose as to your divine role as a single parent. Each chapter starts with my perspective or a short snippet of “coming from where I’m from” then digs deeper to further share “my truth or turning point” of my single parent journey. Are you ready to snapback from single parent paralysis? Is it time to get your SWAG on? If so, then let’s begin!



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