"Girls in STEM" Boot Camp

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The "Girls in STEM" Boot Camp is a 4-class course, focused on core topics such as career readiness, diversity, and inclusion designed to: 

  • Increase the engagement and active recruitment of girls in STEM

  • Discuss the direct impact(s) and importance of under-represented populations in STEM (girls, women, minorities)

  • Explore the (her)story of women in STEM careers

  • Examine stereotypes and systemic biases that exist in STEM

  • Engage in strategic STEM career mapping


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"Girls in STEM" Training 


The STEM Broker™ presents its "Girls in STEM" training. We offer classes in:           

Cultural Alignment Talent Strategy * Career Readiness * Soft Skills * STEM Awareness * Career Exploration  

Our customized training is specialized for the following female clients:

K-12th grades * College Students * Recent College Grads * Minorities in STEM Careers

NOTE: The "Girls in STEM" Boot Camp is available as a: 3-day (weekday), weekend, 1-day, webinar, or other customized format upon request. 


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