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"Girls in STEM" Training 


The STEM Broker™ presents its "Girls in STEM" training. We offer classes in:      

  • Cultural Alignment 

  • Talent Strategy 

  • Career Readiness

  • Soft Skills

  • STEM Awareness

  • Career Exploration  


Our customized training is specialized for the following female clients:

  • K-12th grades

  • College Students

  • Recent College Grads

  • Minorities in STEM Careers

NOTE: The "Girls in STEM" Boot Camp is available as a: 3-day (weekday), weekend, 1-day, webinar, or other customized format upon request. 


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"Girls in STEM" Boot Camp

The "Girls in STEM" Boot Camp is a 4-class course, focused on core topics such as career readiness, diversity, and inclusion designed to: 

  • Increase the engagement and active recruitment of girls in STEM

  • Discuss the direct impact(s) and importance of under-represented populations in STEM (girls, women, minorities)

  • Explore the (her)story of women in STEM careers

  • Examine stereotypes and systemic biases that exist in STEM

  • Engage in strategic STEM career mapping


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Student Training

Maximizing Student Potential: Investing In & Influencing Your Future

Students will learn how to effectively and aggressively seek opportunities even amidst circumstances that seem hopeless, toxic, and/or at their bleakest point. This course will present proactive steps and help students learn how to strategically plot their course of action to prevent pitfalls and potholes that are (sometimes) unconsciously and unintentionally set in place for their failure or to block their progress. Yes, there is a “method to the madness” behind leveraging your skills and talent in order to position yourself for the next level.  No, this course does not subscribe to a “feel-good”, “pull yourself up from your bootstraps” philosophy.  Students at any level of learning will learn how to maximize their own student potential. Principles will be put in place on how to intentionally invest in and best influence your own future - starting now.

Who’s Got Next?: The New Role for the NextGen

This presentation is a call to action for the NextGen with the simple question, “Who’s got next?” and furthermore examining “How do you plan to honor this role?” as future leaders, influencers, and scholars due to the fact that this distinct honor (role) has been bestowed upon you with great confidence from those who have gone before you.  Participants will explore a four-step plan that sets the stage for clarity and purpose in the R.O.L.E. for the next generation to lead us into the next level of higher learning, to rise among the best scholars of emerging trends, and possess the knowledge as an influencer of information, globally.

Contact us to schedule training for girls and/or students. 

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