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Community/Corporate Engagement

STEM 101: How to Launch a Sustainable Community Engagement Program

This workshop is a call-to-action that examines 5 practical, yet strategic ways to effectively sustain a STE(A)M community alliance. Participants will learn how to foster an open environment to embrace and understand the STE(A)M industry and its impact on those in the urban community. Members of the urban core will discover how their distinct role can positively impact their community – regardless of their level of awareness of STE(A)M.

Presentation will explore:

  • 5 principles to sustain a successful community engagement program.

  • Barriers, bright spots, and emerging best practices.

  • Opportunities for corporations to grow and sustain impact.


Workplace Communication Skills: Cracking the Code & Unraveling the Unwritten Rules

Presentation will discuss the importance of effectively honing strategic situational survival skills by successfully navigating the covert codes and unwritten rules found in many of today’s STEM work environments such as: recognizing established cultural customs, being yourself while not losing yourself, allowing your authentic self to be present in every situation you encounter effectively getting your message across (especially once you get a seat at the table), activating and actively engaging in allyship, and advocating for authentic DEI initiatives.  


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